Monday, March 16, 2015

Enjoying Music During a Ski Vacation

Music provides an extra positive atmosphere on a ski vacation in the same way as any other setting. As quoted by the modern philosopher Friedrich Nietze, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. It is good if you at least a number of great songs played in your gadget during the day's skiing downtime. But some insatiable “ear worms”are not contented with plugging phones in their ears. They like to take their music participation to a whole new level. There are a number of fun ways to find music in ski resorts. Here are some of them:

Apres gig and concert
Music is good when cherished privately. But it is always better when shared with other people. One straightforward way to enjoy music in a group is watching an apres gig. Ski resort taverns might have good country music gigs played by local musicians in the area. There's nothing that a couple of beer mugs and a list of mellow John Denver songs could do to ease the blues of post-skiing fatigue. A guest concert from a famous music celebrity can be a little overcrowded for other people's preference. But if being with a lot of people appeals to you, then you probably do not mind jumping around with fellow vacationers while you got your eyes locked at the cool performers on stage.

Joining apres disco
Dancing your residue energy away after a fun-filled skiing is another great way to enjoy music while lingering in a ski vacation. Some people love chill grooves for a wholesome dance party. But others can also get a little wild. Ski resort dance clubs can be an ideal place for lonely single skiers finding hook-ups to warm the chilly nights. 

Campfire jamming
Dance clubs and jukebox taverns do not appeal to some thrifty vacationers. Even more so to the sort of people who keeps a close affinity with nature. Technology or cash is hardly a hindrance to enjoying music in you ski outing. Tent campers often socialize the primitive way – around the campfire. If you know a few guitar notes, you can suggest bringing out the music for the group to sing along. Campfire jamming can be extra relaxing with a cup of chocolate in one hand and a lit tobacco pipe in another.

Serenade your sweetheart
Lastly, nothing could ever be more romantic and musical than publicly serenading your beloved one. Single guys could test their boldness going on stage at an apres gig and dedicate a song to a gorgeous woman that made him trip and tumble badly all the way down the slopes. Either way, singing for someone special is an unforgettable heart-warming experience.

When you're not on the slopes during your ski vacation, take advantage of local shows or the nearby dance club to loosen those sore limbs. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ski Vacation Fun: Pros of Ski Jumping

Ski vacations often have different goals, whether it's to have as much fun as possible or a relaxing getaway or get the little toddler up on their first pair of skis. For those of you who want to take on the more extreme end of the scale and show-off your intense skills, ski jumping sounds like the thing for you.

When I say “jump”, you say “how high?”
The objective in ski jumping is for the skier to get as high and/or as far as their bodymass will allow (we'll leave all the technical terms and equations to the physicists). Height and distance aren't necessarily the only factors though. For those who are even more advanced, try throwing a trick in mid-air. It's difficult feat for even the most skilled of skiers but the rush of adrenaline that follows is unlike any other.

When I say “land”, you say “oh no!”
The law of gravity states that everything that goes up eventually goes down. So it is one thing to pose for an epic jump-shot, but everything changes when you take landing into account (and the interval between flight and landing is only matter of “high-definition slow motion” seconds). The trick to making ski jumping fun has a lot to do with balancing “spectacular flight” and “not embarrassing landing”. In fact at the professional level this part of the scoring matters more. The effects (such as being able to walk without a sore body) goes beyond the realm of ski jumping itself.

When I say, “let's do it again”, what are you going to do?
Ski jumping the whole day is not recommend as it can wear and tear on your physical and mental states at a high rate. Give it a few tries here and there but don't neglect the rest of the fresh powder just waiting to be tested out.

For those of you who accept this challenge, good luck and enjoy your ski vacation!... And anyone who (understandably) does not want to attempt ski jumping, we hope you enjoy your time on the slopes just as well!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Vermont Powder Day!

See what happens when we let Andrew sneak away from his desk for a few hours. With snow THIS good, we're lucky he came back!

Thanks for sharing sir, and YES, we're all just a little jealous. But hey, that's a good thing.

Andrew Goldman capably mans one our Vermont branch offices. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. Andrew and all our other knowledgeable staff can park you right in the middle of a similar scene. Of course, you're responsible for finding your own lines!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Ski Trip Reflections: The Photograph Etiquette

When you are out on a ski trip, your overall objective is to have a blast. You can do a lot of exciting and relaxing things in order to achieve this goal. Your choices may depend on whatever helps you define the idea of fun. While some prefer to spend their ski outings more proactively, others choose a sedentary type of vacation. But there are certain practices that vacationers cannot avoid in the entire course of their stay. Taking pictures is among them. Here are some of the helpful tips regarding proper picture taking etiquette and whatnot:

  • Take photos around permissible important landmarks
  • Ask assistance from ski resort staff during a group photo
  • Take photos of the landscape while riding a cable car
  • Use Go Pro if you cannot help but to capture video clips of your ski adventures
  • Ask permission to capture images from active skiers
  • Ask permission to photograph bystanders / staff if they are in a picture
Doing the following suggestions can help draw the line between sensible photo shoot during vacations and an unhealthy fixation over the social media fad (especially if you are not a commissioned photographer). These days, the “selfie” mania has been hyped and sensationalized to a point of becoming a sensitive trivial topic.

On the other hand, you can also take note of the following malpractices that are so inappropriate that it can potentially cause physical harm in your ski vacation. At best, they can bring embarrassment and unwanted memories not worth keeping when you return home. It is best to remember avoiding them.

Do Not
  • Take a “selfie” every-time the opportunity presents itself
  • Photograph a skiing accident
  • Use flash when taking photos of skiers (especially at night)
  • Take a “selfie” while you on you're way down the slopes, or even stopped on the slope
  • Keep a bystander or staff for too long just to retake your shots
  • Take a stolen shot from strangers in the area
Capturing moments that preserve the memories of your fun vacation is never looked down upon, just remember there are some common courtesies to consider. So on your next ski trip, make sure to be mindful of your picture-taking methods. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

How Group Traveling Makes Ski Vacations Cost Effective

There is one popular rhetorical phrase that rings true for a number of important human activities, including among them skivacations. Strength in numbers. This adage supports the idea that ski outings, or any type of vacation to that effect, are more ideal as a group. You can name several aspects that makes vacation a little easier when people travel as a group. Narrowing it down in the broad economic perspective, here are some of the undeniable advantages of a group ski tour:

Bargain options for lodging
When going on a vacation, one of the primary concerns include lodging arrangements. Ski resorts have chalets and alpine villas that are spacious enough for a small crowd. And depending on the area, there maybe options of renting a townhouse or condo not far from the slopes. Even the price for reserving a costly presidential cabin in the woods can be reduced through the monetary contribution of ten vacationers. As a member of the group, you'd only pay a fractional fee for such pleasant accommodations.

Discounts often target group travelers
Group travelers can make reservations for a specified number of that feature group discounts. This is especially true on peak holidays like Christmas and Valentines Day. Skivacation packages for groups are not only limited to accommodations, but perks may also extend to other commercial features that have been included in the promo's specific program or theme. This could include, but certainly not limited to, buffet meals, free breakfast, discounted lift tickets, or reduced rates for children!

Save expenses from miscellaneous services
Group travels are efficient enough to avoid fees on certain services in the ski resort. For example, you'd no longer pay for a tour guide around the off beat alpine tracks for a trek when you have one member of the group competent enough to lead the tour. Room service expenses can also be partly avoided if one or a fraction of the group would volunteer to do errands for the trip. Some fun group activities also help vacationers refrain from spending too much on entertainment.

Don't forget to check what Hot Deals are currently available to see if any of the above mentioned promotions are taking place, as well as additional ways to save on your next ski vacation!