Friday, December 05, 2014

How to cope with cold during your ski trip

Keeping yourself warm is an important thing to do during every ski trip. That’s why you need the right outfit to compensate the temperature. Otherwise, you won’t completely enjoy your ski escapade if you are literally "chilling".

Aside from the right outfit, take note also of these things:

It's cold up there, even when it's sunny
Don't be fooled but the bright sun, the slopes are cold. This is due to the strong winds that block the heat of the sun - it's the wind chill factorBefore your trip, check online the chill wind chart to know the status of winter winds and the dangers of freezing temperature for your destination.

Bring on the layers
It’s not only about the right outfit, it’s also about how you wear it. The most recommended method is to dress in layers. This helps you conserve more heat in your body and helps stabilizes your body temperature as much as possible.

To dress in layers, there is a suggested three layer system:
Base layer:
  • For upper body, wear a thermal body shirt
  • For lower body, put on thermal pants and ski socks
Second layer:
  • For upper body, put on a fleece jacket or sweater
  • For lower body, ski pants followed by ski boots
Last layer:
  • For upper body, wear a waterproof and wind-stopping ski jacket
  • For your head protection, use ski helmet, hat or bonnet and ski goggles
  • Lastly, don't forget the ski gloves

Be active
To add more heat in your body, be active. For instance, have some warm-up routines like jumping jacks, walk lunges or squats before you start a run. This way, your body generates heat up to six times more than just sitting.

Apply lip balm or moisturizer
Lip balm contains vitamins A, C, and E that prevent chap, dry and swollen lips due to the cold and windy weather.

Eat the right food
During ski trips, what you eat plays a big role in coping with the cold. Eat food that's rich in carbohydrates and sugar because these can quickly give your body much-needed heat and energy.

In addition, avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Although alcohol and cigarettes could make you feel less cold for a while, they hinder blood circulation.

Lastly, acclimatize yourself a day or so on the mountain. Otherwise, you'll possibly get an Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) which symptoms include headache, lightheadedness, shortness of breathe and nausea. But, don't worry. With awareness, planning and prevention, stay warm on your ski trip and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Thursday, December 04, 2014


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

How to have an awesome family ski vacation

Are you planning on a family ski vacation?

If you are, you should know that family ski escapades can be pricey and stressful, especially if  your tots tag along. But don't worry too much.  These tips can help you plan a hassle-free ski getaway with your family:

Plan for the following:
  • Will you buy or rent gear for you and your children?
  • Some family-friendly mountain resorts
  • Things to pack for you and your kids on the mountain
  • Kiddie essentials to avoid toddler tantrums and meltdowns

Choose a destination that caters to everyone's needs
Prior to selecting a destination, know what the other members of your group will do aside from skiing. For instance, shopping, spa treatments, clubbing, etc. With this information, you can choose the right ski resorts with activities other members will enjoy.

Avoid toddler tantrums
If you're worried about your kids to having tantrums, here are a few suggestions to avoid or help you overcome them:
  • Bring a spare of their favorite teddy or blanket
  • Before the trip, get your kids used to wearing goggles and ski equipment
  • Bring books, toys, or games to keep them entertained
  • Load your tablet and smartphone with a selection of their favorite movies

Get your kid ready for ski school
A night before, make sure you pack the things your child needs for his or her first ski lesson.  Also, put your child's name as well as your name and contact information outside or inside the bag. Make sure to be early when dropping your children off at the day care center or ski school on their first day as you'll need to do some paperwork and you'll be able to get to the slopes right away. 

Daycare and ski school
If you can't find a baby sitter, opt for daycare. That way, parents can maximize their time on the slope.
Other than daycare, the ski school is a haven for many kids. It helps embrace their new-found love for the winter sport. 

Watch the time
Find out what time you can pick up your children at the ski school or daycare and keep your phone handy in case of an emergency.

Book your equipment and lift passes in advance
This will reduce the hassle once you've arrived in the resort. Booking ahead can also save you big bucks. You can check online for a trusted ski vacation packages provider and they can organize your lift passes, accommodations and everything you might need on your getaway.

And finally,

Don't forget you camera
Keep clicking to capture those unforgettable moments on the slopes!

These tips may not guarantee you a 100% problem-free trip, but rest assured that you will deal with less hassle and will have an awesome family ski vacation.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Unexpected Facts You May Learn on a Ski Vacation

Whether it’s your first time or not, there are things that may not be expected to happen on a ski vacationHere are a few:

Pizza and Fries are not just 'ol American fast food
On the slopes, pizza and French Fries are a skier's lingo for placement of the skis/their feet. "Pizza" is the position of pointing your toes and extending your skis together, creating a wedge-shape. French fries, on the other hand, are when you set your skis in a parallel position and they face straight ahead.

At most, both moves are a very foundation concept you need to practice in order to become a better skier when hitting the slopes.

You’ll meet younger and smaller skiers better than you
Ski enthusiasts are getting younger and younger these days. There are many kids wanting to learn the sport. Don't get intimidated by kids doing tricks and turns on the slopes, it's okay. Instead, see them as your inspiration to get better.

You’ll fall if you lean back
It’s one of the hardest aspects in learning to ski, especially if you’re afraid of the high speeds while leaning forward. However the counteract of leaning back, will make you lose balance and fall. It's an inevitable fact that most have to experience firsthand before they can correct it.

Skiing is like driving
Like driving a car, skiing is dangerous. That's why both need proper training. But unlike driving a car, skis have no sirens or signal lights to give others your warning. Thus, concentration is a must to avoid accidents.

Helmets are also hats
On the slopes, helmets are also considered as hats. They most importantly provide head safety and warmth, but people forget they also prevent big chills that are caused by evaporation.

Skis are different
Skis come in different designs and dimensions because no two skiers are the same. Furthermore, even if you skied three times on your previous ski trips, factors like your weight and skills change each time. These changes will affect the binding settings of your skis.

Don't forget your primary reason for skiing
To have fun -- this is your primary reason why you wanted to learn skiing. But later on, when you've improved your skiing skills, you focus more on the competition and impressing your peers. However once you remember to have fun, you're already are a better skier than you were.

Don't compare or judge others' skiing techniques
This is the basic unwritten rule in skiing that most rookies don’t follow. When you're sitting at the table with other skiers, don't compare or judge how their skills. Every skier has his or her own style.

Have you already encountered some of those? Well, there are still many things you can expect to happen on your trip. Just remember the basics, stay safe and have fun on your ski vacation!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Benefits of Utilizing a Ski Vacation Spa

In order to have a great ski vacation, travelers must both “get wild” and chill. A balance between fun and relaxation can influence your overall opinion about the dreaded question your colleagues ask on your return to office - “How was your vacation?”

When it comes to ski outings, people normally expend a huge portion of their stay by indulging in the namesake sports. It is easy to forget that recuperating is also an important part of a healthy outdoor adventure. Therefore, it's beneficial for vacationers to spend some time taking advantage of the various spa treatments available at a resort. Here are a few reasons why:

Optimum physical restoration
Skiing and snowboarding can be a very exhausting. On top of that, it's no stranger to life-threatening injuries. Due to the visceral nature of skiing, one could easily mistake that only injured parties require treatment. A massage after a long day of sliding down frigid mountains is a nice remedy for muscle soreness. Steam baths help thaw the chills after long hours of exposure to high altitude winter conditions. Luxurious rest after a fun extreme workout yields long-term positive results. After all, a stressful body is highly prone to injuries and prolongs the healing period.

A great escape from reality
Speaking of stress, burned out employees and entrepreneurs could avail for ski vacation packages geared towards health, beauty and relaxation. Busy days can take a lot from people. In fact, a lot of serious diseases (e.g. cancer) are often a result of prolonged physical and psychological pressure in the work place. Indulging oneself in a variety of day spa services enables people to live in a temporary paradise, far away from the world that tests your patience on a daily basis.

Meeting like-minded people
One of the perks of day spas is the possibility of meeting new friends. These treatment centers are a good opportunity for solemn lone travelers to socialize (since they don't normally like the noise and chaos of apres taverns and dance halls). It is natural to have a simple chat with someone at the far side of the silent jacuzzi pool. And both parties clearly enjoy skiing, so right off the bat you have something in common!

Getting spa treatment services is important because it can influence the overall experience of your ski vacation. If you were sore at the end of everyday or upset that you didn't get to make more new friends, these are easy ways to fix that.