Thursday, November 17, 2005

Give the Gift of Skiing!

Do you ever struggle, as I do, with the perfect gift for that hard-buy-for person in your life? If you have more than one of these folks on your list, it can keep you awake at night at this time of year. Sure, the advent of the gift card at most of the major retail chains has made things a bit easier, but certainly a lot more impersonal.

Well this year, why not give the skier or boarder in your life, something they will really appreciate, the gift of a weekend or even a week on the slopes!

Yes, that Best Buy card will get them the latest Green Day , the Wicked soundtrack, or that " must have" accessory for their iPod. But, nothing will tell them how much you care more than a few days of breathing clean mountain air, making some fresh tracks under a bluebird sky, and swapping lies... I mean stories by a roaring fire. Now that, is a gift.

"But", you say. "I'm too busy getting ready for the Holidays to plan a trip." You may very well be, but with a gift certificate from Tours de Sport, your planning is done. Available in any amount from $100 an up, this welcome stocking stuffer will make you the Grand Poobah of Holiday Giving.

No need to decide on dates or destination if you don't want to. Gift certificates from Tours de Sport are valid for any of the almost 30 destinations we offer, and are valid for a year from the date of purchase. When you give a gift certificate the choices are limitless: an early season tune-up weekend at the Big K, an uncrowded January midweek at Loon, a week of immersion in all things Olympic at Lake Placid, or a Spring Fling at Sugarloaf? The choice is yours, well; really it's the givee not the giver that should choose. Right?

So what will it be this year? Another boring shirt or sweater? Membership in the "fruit of the month" club? Ron Popiel's latest gadget? No! No! No!

It' going to be the gift of fun. The gift of time spent together outdoors. The gift of memories. Give the gift of skiing!

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