Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pubs & Powder......

Ok, maybe not quite yet but as I watch the the inches to feet of snow fall on the New England Ski resorts in October my mind is already planning my annual year end ski trip. As the annual planner of my own personal "Ski Group"; there are only 2 factors that matter to a bunch of 30 year old ski bums. Cold beer and fresh tracks! So where do I set my attention? The annual trip to the Big K - yes Killington, VT.

This annual trek of ours made every March (great skiing and no crowds), is something I most look forward to during my busy months here at the Tours de Sport office. I would say it was the skiing but perhaps is the Apr├Ęs Ski that I enjoy most! Like all creatures of habits, my best friend and I have ours. After laying out our one happy hour at the condo for the weary skiers not yet home, we find ourselves darting off to either Casey's Caboose or the Snowshed base lodge for a nice ice cold beer! Ok, maybe 3 or 4 until the real skiers in the group are done. Freshly showered and famished from 8 hours of skiing it over to the Wobbly Barn for a big old steak dinner.

Upon this point we tend to loose 1/2 of the group back to our condo in the Killington Resort Village while the rest of us hit the downstairs to get our groove on and dance the night away. I can tell all of you looking for a great place to ski and find some nightlife as well, I would personally recommend this ski resort! Don't forget to save your farewell breakfast out of town for the Sugar Shack! The smell of fresh Vermont maple syrup being made in the basement and the best pancakes you've had since mom made 'em! Not to mention, a great place to pick up all those take home souvenirs your forgot to get while doing all that skiing and partying!

Wherever you travel this year, pack you family, friends and skis and enjoy!

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