Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mid-Week Getaways

Tried to get reservations at your favorite ski resort for the upcoming February vacation? Tried to get reservations on any weekend? Having trouble finding space? Having trouble with the budget? Why not try a midweek trip? Take a couple of personal days from work (go ahead, everybody does it from time to time.) Get your significant other or a couple of friends and take off.

Here’s what you’ll find: the same number of open trails, the same grooming operations, the same restaurants and other amenities and no people (or very few). You will get the same number of runs in before lunch on the typical weekday as you can on the typical weekend day. All day! You can ski on well groomed trails all day. No scratchy (icy) patches in the afternoon. And imagine waking up on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning with a fresh snowfall and no crowds.

Ski resorts and lodging properties are always looking for folks to visit during the week. As a result, you can get some great deals on midweek ski & stay packages. Check out the featured hot deals at our web site: or give us a call and let Tours De Sport design a trip based on your specifications.

The two snowiest months of the winter, February and March, are upon us. There is plenty of good skiing ahead and the days are getting longer & warmer so get caught up on your work, make up a good excuse for the boss (a sick relative has always worked for me) line up the baby sitter, give us a call & we’ll take care of the rest.

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