Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ski Resorts are not Just for Winter Anymore!

You have told all your friends about how great your winter ski trip was this year. The mountain, the views, the food, the fun!

But why wait for next winter? As a popular and sometimes overlooked summer destination, ski resorts offer a multitude of activities for young and old alike!

Resorts such as
Mont Tremblant, Lake Placid, Killington & even your southern Pocono resorts offer golf, mountain biking, rafting, gondola rides, adventure camps and much more! Easy to get to, wonderfully priced, they make an excellent vacation spot be it for a week or a weekend!

So swap your ski rack for your bike rack and hit the hills! Enjoy these beautiful and peaceful vacation spots alone or with friends and family. Either way I guarantee your going to love it.

Besides, what other place can you say you biked a black diamond? Now that’s something to talk about!

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