Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Snowshoe Resort: Southern Skiing

With most of the major ski resorts on the eastern seaboard located north of New York City, it can be very difficult and expensive for residents in the southeastern United States to enjoy a winter vacation at a full-serivce ski resort. However, Snowshoe Ski Resort in West Virginia is often overlooked when discussing the top eastern ski resorts, and offers a pleasant surprise to nearly all first-time visitors.

Snowshoe offers 57 trails serviced by 14 lifts, and is one of the few resorts offered by Tours de Sport that has night skiing, which is offered on about half of its trails. Because of its location in eastern West Virginia, Snowshoe is the main draw for a large geographical area. Snowshoe is situated less than 400 miles from such major U.S. cities as Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Columbus, Louisville, Knoxville, and Charlotte. As a result, many of the lodging properties are in high demand, especially during holiday seasons.

Snowshoe has a very unique layout, as most of the lodging properties are actually located at the top of the mountain instead of the base. Therefore, guests start their day not by walking over to the lifts, but by skiing down from the top of the mountain. The quaint pedestrian village at the top of the resort contains nearly all of the restaurants, as well as shopping, and and nightlife areas. Just outside the village, guests can stay in true ski-in / ski-out accomodations on the north or south ends of the resort. The Silver Creek area on the backside of the mountain is almost a separate resort altogether, since it can only be accessed by a car or bus when traveling from the main village. There is lodging available in the Silver Creek condos, which is an ideal location for families as it is located near the children's area, which includes the tubing park.

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