Monday, December 22, 2008

Kite Skiing Takes Flight at Killington

Winter kite skiing appears to be a new sport and it’s happening in my own backyard at Killington. While harnessed into a 6 foot wing-spanned kite and wearing skis, I cannot wait to watch individuals catch the wind and sail across Kent Pond. This pristine area, especially in the summer, is fantastic for hiking and kayaking which are my favorite hobbies.

Mike Miller, area resident and storeowner, offers a great website for you to view his kite school, backcountry store and Telemark equipment. Sounds like he will be available during the winter weekends to take you out on the pond via snowmobile to his designated instructing area and start you off on the right track. Base Camp Outfitters is conveniently located on Route 4 in Killington, just at the bottom of the Killington Road and near Kent Pond.

So be sure to stop by Kent Pond and watch this exciting sport and maybe one day you’ll give it a try. Seems like another fun option for things to do in Killington during the winter season. Let’s go fly a kite!

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