Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Don’t Let Family Burdens Burn Out Your Family Fun!

As Old Man Winter approaches, the endless parade of gray days and frigid temperatures can be mind-numbing. If your family is in need of a vacation to cure the winter blues, why not load up the car and head for a fun-filled weekend on the slopes!

Weekend ski trips with your family can be fun and inexpensive if you choose the right destination and resort property. Here at Tours de Sport we know that everyone feeling the pinch of a tight economy. Big fun doesn’t have to mean Big Bucks!  

The Northeast is scattered with great ski resorts that offer enough terrain for a weekend trip and most of these resorts are all within 3 hours of most major cities like DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia & NY. You can find great deals for a Ski & Stay packages at places like Seven Springs, PA , Sno Mountain, PA and Hunter Mountain , NY .

As any snow lover would tell you any day on the slopes is better then none!

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