Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ski the "Best of the West" with Tours de Sport!

Folks have been asking me how I feel about Tours de Sport adding Western destinations to our resort line-up for the 2009-2010 ski season, and I think "excited" is the word that really comes to mind.

My background in the ski industry goes back about 20 years, and a good deal of my time has been spent working with Western resorts. Now, as a born and bred Easterner, I cannot tell you that I have found anything that beats skiing a narrow twisting trail during a major dump in Vermont, but lots of Western experiences do come close. And I do mean experiences, not just the skiing. Ask me about my trip to British Columbia in January of 1999 sometime!!!

Western ski travel can introduce you to some of the most fascinating people, different and interesting cultures, and awe-inspiring scenery you can imagine. Walk the streets of Steamboat Springs, explore Vancouver after bombing a mile of vertical at Whistler Blackcomb, or stand at the top of the Lone Peak tram at Big Sky on a clear February morning, and you will know exactly what I mean.

We look forward to helping you plan your own ski adventures no matter which point of the compass works best for you. If you've never skied or boarded west of the Mississippi, We look forward to being your resource as you explore your options. We have identified the Western resorts that we feel offer the best price, value, and you guessed it, overall resort experience, and added those to our great lineup of resorts here in the East. If you are a Western ski veteran, and know the resorts inside and out, I feel you will still find us to truly be your "one stop shop" for your ski travel needs. Give us a call soon, and let's plan this winter's adventure!

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