Monday, September 28, 2009

Even Snow Bunnies Feel the Pinch of the Economy!

Alright, so having the complete matching head to toe in the latest/greatest ski fashion is your thing. No way would you get caught on the slopes in the same outfit you wore last year. Sound familiar?

Ok my little fashionista’s, we are in a recession, so time to become, yes a Recessionista! Simply put, a recessionista is someone who seeks out fashionable items which are also low-cost. Ski gear and snow pants are no exception!

So, how do you afford the annual ski trip with the gang and keep your style? Here are a few tricks that myself and my friends use:
  1. Ski Swaps! If you or your children have outgrown your skis yet again, stop buying new. Hit your local ski swaps offered at just about every local ski shop I know. Get barely used skis for ½ the cost or, if you have skis of your own, barter, barter, barter!
  2. Pre-Ski Party! Gather your friends, family and neighbors and clean out those closets! If you are like me, you have a box of scarf’s and hats and gloves to match each years outfit! Used to You – New to Them! Trade out your gear and have fun doing it! Not to mention a perfect excuse to start planning your winter ski trip!
  3. Hit the local ski shops! Any avid Snow Bunny knows end of the season sales are the best time get new gear. But hey, it’s a recession! Take advantage. Many shops are already offering discounts from anywhere up to 50% off to help with pre-winter sales. Check your papers, keep your eye on the web and hit the stores!
So suit up, gloss up and hit the slopes! And always remember that your happy smile while cruising the slopes is ALWAYS the best accessory!

-Sam Norberg

(Sam has been our staff fashionista for over 10 years. None of us head out to the slopes with her approval of our ski apparel du jour. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. She is especially tough when it comes to duct tape!)

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