Thursday, October 15, 2009

Safety First at the Slopes!

Ok, you’ve arrived on your vacation and the kids are ready to hit the slopes! Too bad mom’s staring at the pretty red first aid station and not letting go of the lift tickets….Fear not!

By following a few simple tips everyone can have a fun and “accident free” winter vacation!

1. Know your surroundings. Nobody should venture onto the mountain without a trail map. Both adults and children alike should know where that lift is going to take you and that there is a trail based on your ski level to get back down!

2. 2-Way radios are an excellent way to stay in touch while cruising the slopes. If your party will be separated by Black to Green trails, these inexpensive walkie talkies can keep you all in communication. Plus everyone will know where to meet for the Après Ski party!

3. Purchase or rent ski helmets. Even the most die hard skiers have embraced the safety of the ski helmet! Know your limits; even the hardest head can take a good knock!

4. Wear your protective goggles and gloves. There is a reason they were made! First tumble you take and poke your eye with the top of your pole, you’ll wished you had them on! Trust me on this one!

5. Take a break! Yes, you want to get in every moment of skiing you can in a day but this is a serious aerobic exercise and will burn energy. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and pack a few energy bars in your ski coat to munch on throughout the day.

6. And lastly, make sure everyone in your party knows where the first aid station is and what the ski patrol look like. Nobody wants to think worst-case scenario but everyone should know what to do just in case!

Now, take a deep breathe, feel the wind in your face and enjoy the day!
Just watch out for the people in front of you!

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