Friday, January 15, 2010

The “Truth” About Last Minute Deals...

We have all heard the people on TV saying, the country’s in a recession, travel deals are hot, book last minute to get best rate. Sure, these are all good tips if you are travelling to a major city with hundreds of hotels and lodging options.

However, this is NOT necessarily the case when it comes to Northeast Ski resorts!

Fact #1 – There are only a limited number of slope-side accommodations at the actual mountain. Not as many rooms to fill, not a need to basement bargain the rates!

Fact #2 - 80% of families and groups looking to travel during any Peak Holiday time period make their reservations as early as November. Book early to reserve a large unit as you will not find these last minute!

Fact#3 – Supply creates it’s own demand! Skiing in the Northeast typically lasts from late November through March. This means the whole season is over and done with in close to 4 months. Skiers who want to ski will travel and will pay top dollar. They know it as do the resorts.

So can you find a last minute deal? Absolutely! If you are open to proximity to the base lodge, room size and general amenities any ski travel specialist can find you a “Hot Deal”. Midweek packages will ALWAYS be your best find and the least crowded on the slopes. And many places offer great Sunday arrival discounts as well.

So shop around and find the best bang for your buck! Just don’t wait to long!

-Samantha Norberg

Sam is one our best bargain hunters, so she knows of what she speaks. -Cecil

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