Monday, February 22, 2010

Cell Phone Service & Wi-fi Connections in the Mountains are Improving!

The following are some updates on cell phones that work the best and Wi-fi connection locations.

Has decent cellular service with Verizon & US Cellular being the best providers. Snowstorms do have an affect on connection believe it or not.

Wi-fi is available for a charge at the Ski Area Base Lodge.

Verizon & AT&T have the best coverage. Others will have problems. Bear Mountain does not have good coverage all.

Wi-fi is available at the Killington Grand Hotel.

Verizon & US Cellular are the best providers.

Wi-fi is available at all base lodges.

Smugglers Notch:
Verizon has the best coverage and AT&T is ok.

Wi-fI is available in the Village Condos for a fee.


AT&T is the best and make sure you are facing West. The Top of the World near the “Ticket Depot” is a great area.

Wi-fi is available at Shaver Center, Expo Big Top, Starbucks and Mistys

Silver Creek is good for Wi-fi and the Village has Ethernet/cable connect.

Verizon has the best coverage for cellphones.

Unicel and AT&T are ok while Sprint works in the Valley. Verizon does not seem to be able to connect in this area.

Wi-fi is located at Claybrook, Gatehouse Lodge and the Sugarbush Inn.

Very good cellular coverage with most providers.

Wi-fi is available at the Sugarloaf Inn and Sugarloaf Mountain Lodge and Base Lodges.

Verizon has the best coverage, other providers have issues making a solid connection.

Wi-fi is available at base lodge, cafeteria, bar and coffee shop.

We hope this information helps you while on your ski vacation to any of these resorts!

- Goody Dwyer

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