Thursday, September 23, 2010

Snow in Colorado

The Snow is falling in Colorado and it is only September. Technically, it is still summer!! Will it be a banner year? OF COURSE!! (This is what all Colorado residents that like to ski would tell you.) After living in Colorado for 30 years, I am seeing signs of an early winter due to the leaves changing on the lower altitude hillsides as well as the Cottonwoods along the riverbanks. We are only 2 weeks away from the peak colors turning on the Aspen trees in the Roaring Fork Valley.

We always hope for the early winter and these signs get us in such a festive mood!! Ultimately, this all means it is definitely time to start working those ski legs so that I am ready to hit the slopes on opening day. Nothing like a little inspiration, as we will have the US World Cup races Nov 25-27 on Aspen Mountain .

How embarrassing to ski down the first run and then collapse at the bottom because I am out of shape! Will you be ready come November? Think about it, only 66 days until Thanksgiving which is opening day for me. Buck up. Get in shape. Go to the gym. Sign up for yoga. Squats are your friend. I think you get the picture! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to practice the après ski. (Dance around on your deck with your parka and ski boots on with a cold beer.) BRING IT ON.

Julie Stepniewski

Julie is our Colorado office and his been in ski travel for 11 years. Look for her regular contributions to our blog. Julie, we want a picture of that après ski practice on the deck!

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