Sunday, October 02, 2011

Stowe-away Into Ski Paradise

With the exception of those who are all too eager to learn how to ski, beginners actually find it hard to appreciate the sport when they find very few beginner trails in most ski resorts. Beginners often feel like holding back their excitement to learn the sport for they feel intimidated by the resorts being dominated by expert and advanced trails.

There is an impending difficulty for skier-wannabe's to find a ski vacation destination where they would feel as loved as the skiers of higher skills. Thankfully, though, Vermont has exactly the place for it: Stowe Ski Resort.

The main feature of the Stowe that would make beginners flock it until they themselves become intermediate skiers is its LITERALLY HUGE love for the newbies. Not every ski resort in America would allocate an entire mountain of easy trails especially for the low-handicap skiers, and that is what makes Stowe extremely special. That, among other things of course.

Stowe's Spruce Peak, one of the two mountains of the resort, is an entire mountain full of novice trails as well as snowboarding amenities. This is where the new skiers could find comfort on the slopes in their skis, all the while preparing themselves to take on the more difficult trails of the resort's other mountain, Mt. Mansfield. Together, Mt Mansfield and Spruce Peak combine to create a total of 485 acres of skiable terrain at the Stowe Ski Resort. The resort receives an annual average snowfall of approximately 333 inches. That, complemented with the state of the art snowmaking facilities of the resort makes it perfect for a ski day out – handicap regardless.

Mt Mansfield, where the expert and advanced trails are found, is the 5th largest mountain in New England area, and the fourth largest in the state of Vermont. It has a total of 116 trails and is currently serviced by 13 lifts.

The resort, though, is not only kind to the newbies. Its ski school is also a haven for the first timers who are dying to hit the slope. They have a complete lineup of facility and a team of pros for instructors. Apart from that, the resort is also a haven of other snow adventures like dogsledding, snow tours, and even race at the NASTAR racing area.

On top of all that, Stowe is home to what avid skiers claim to be the most exciting runs in the East – the Starr, Goat, National, and Lift Line – or are collectively called The Front Four.

Stowe is currently going under an expansive development, adding more amenities to the site as well as lift facilities to accommodate more guests and avoid lift lines.

With its special place for the newbies, and the expert skiers at that, it is not so hard to imagine how skiers afford Stowe Ski Resort its own special place in their hearts. In this ski vacation destination, there is such a thing as 'love at first ski'.

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