Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alberta Winter Delights

Alberta, Canada holds a huge part of the Rockies in its territories. A large portion of these mountains have been transformed into mountain resorts offering many different activities that allow guests to explore the best of the Canadian great outdoors. In the spring and summer, the mountains are a cornucopia of nature's colors, painting a picture of wildflowers in all hues imaginable. Come winter, it becomes an entirely different universe.

Because of the ski-perfect slopes of the mountains, and the beautiful quality of snow hereabouts, Alberta has become a frequent host to enthused ski-loving tourists one winter after another. Statistics say this Canadian province receives an average of three million guests for winter alone. Majority of these tourists flock the ski resorts in Banff National Park and Jasper National Park.

In Banff National Park, a massive ski resort project was created with the collaboration of Norquay Resort, Lake Louise Ski Area and Sunshine Village. It is now among the largest ski areas in the entire North America. Because the ski area is serviced by three different ski resorts, guests are ensured lack of lift lines and a massive skiing area that could accommodate just about everybody at the same time. In here, overcrowding is a thing of the past. There is a terrain of choice for everyone no matter the skill level. All three resorts also have parks for boarders, and ski schools for that intimidated first timer. Having three different resorts on the same area also means wider and more diverse options for lodging and dining. This makes it the ultimate place for those who want to see more, get more, do more.

Jasper National Park, on the other hand, is a next-dpor neighbor of sorts to the Banff National Park and is situated in the heart of the Jasper National Park. It measures 4,250 massive square miles – each corner bursting in a variety of activities. This mountain offers a year round treat for tourists, but it is most popular as a winter vacation destination. There is a choice of activity for anybody. The more adventurous could test the slopes and the parks of the Marmot Basin and opt for Nordic or cross country, or try snowboarding. The more laidback ones could choose to sit by the fireplace or explore the mountains in a more relaxed mood. There is also a wide array of offering for shopping, dining, and of course, lodging. The unspoilt views of the rest of the Rockies and the vast national park is a treat in itself, a winter wonderland straight out of a picture book.

Alberta, Canada, being one of the largest provinces in Canada has a lot more to offer its tourists apart from the resorts on the Rockies. But Jasper and Banff are amongst their best offerings, that it attracts guests not only from within North America but from many other parts of the world too.

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