Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mount Snow Vermont-Winter Storm Warning! 12/26

I LOVE getting these e mails:

We love holiday weeks. Not only because we are lucky enough to be surrounded by happy people who are enjoying some well deserved time off from work, but we also have so many cool things going on each day it puts an extra spring in our step and smiles on our faces. But you know what really puts a smile on everyone's face? Three words: WINTER STORM WARNING.

That's right, forecasters are calling for a significant weather event starting late this evening with snow expected to fall at rates of up to TWO INCHES PER HOUR. You know how we are about accumulation speculation, but at this point confidence is high for the mountain to get as much as FIFTEEN INCHES of snow before all is said and done. So, if all goes according to what the experts are predicting our ski patrollers are going to be opening new terrain faster than you can say "powder pants"... which you should definitely be wearing, by the way. That being said, it's not too late for you to make plans to come up here and enjoy all the fun we have planned from now through New Years!

January is Learn to Ski / Ride Month!
Everyone has that friend that talks about learning to ski or ride but never has. Well, January just happens to be learn-to-ski/ride month so tell all your friends and get them to Mount Snow for a lesson with one of our 400 professional instructors, trained with the latest teaching techniques aimed at getting beginners comfortable on snow as fast as possible. Single and multi-day options are available in group settings for ages 15 and up and Private lessons, which offer one-on-one comprehensive training.

MLK Weekend Lodging
We all love a long weekend! Escape to the Green Mountains of Vermont this MLK Weekend and enjoy 3 nights of lodging and 3 days of skiing at Mount Snow starting at just $135 per person per night, based on double-occupancy.

Call a Mount Snow Specialist today at 888-754-2167.

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