Friday, January 11, 2013

Dressing right! Some great advice from Andrew (who lives in Vermont)

Introducing yourself to winter sports can be a challenge to even the most hardened of winter enthusiast.

The importance of proper layering and clothing can never be overlooked.  It could very well mean the difference between a miserable and fantastic experience.

Many resorts offer winter outerwear for rental (jackets, gloves, ski pants)  if you're traveling from points south - where you may not have those types of things in your closet.  Inner layering is just as key for protecting yourself from the elements.

Be sure to avoid cotton products against your skin when you're bound to be sweating.  Try to rely on underclothes that are designed to wick moisture away from your body.

Along with layering - consider the elements.. temperature and precipitation in particular.. freezing conditions you'll want to protect your ski with face warmer, goggles, etc. 

It may be a good idea to stash some toe or hand warmers in your pocket too.. consider this also when traveling with children.. try to have a thin layer between any of these warming pouches and your skin.   We can't all be so lucky to have blue bird days and conditions pleasant.. Sometimes you deal with what mother nature provides you. 

One more important piece to the puzzle is that you need to consider all these and at the same time...manage to look great doing it!  Good luck - now go and attack that mountain in comfort and style.

Andrew Goldman, a.k.a.. A.G., is new to TDS but brings years of on-mountain experience as a result of his 14 years working in sales for Smugglers' Notch Resort.
Originally from Long Island, Andrew graduated from, western N.Y.'s, Alfred University in 1990. With his appreciation and constant need for outdoor activities he settled in Vermont in 1996. The ski industry offered a great opportunity for Andrew to become familiar with several resorts throughout the country and Canada.
Andrew resides with his wife Maria (skier) and two snowboarding daughters in Fairfax, VT. where he remains a firm believer that there's enough mountain for all to peacefully co-exist and shred!

To book your Northeast Ski or Snowboard experience, or to chat with Andrew about keeping warm on those chilly days, give him a call at:

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