Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's all about the cookie!

 As some of you may know, I do have a chocolate chip cookie obsession. 
  I mean if there are obsessions for a person to have, this is an OK one to have. My daughters and I are on the quest for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie.  Our favorites are the ski resort cookies, the ones the size of your head that are typically only sold at US resorts- believe me I've traveled, I know.  And we do have a rule, that if the cookie is bigger than the size of your head, you absolutely buy it and try it immediately.  I think rules are important.  This is my favorite.  See photo attached for the largest cookie found to date- that was by  far one of the best we've ever had! Shockingly this was not purchased at a ski resort but at Audrey's Pizza in Bozeman, MT.  

On another cookie note, my husband and I recently traveled to Portillo, Chile.  This was by far one of the best vacations we have ever taken skiing or otherwise.  See other blogs for details of my amazing experience, but this post is all about the cookie.

The Hotel Portillo offers fine dining nightly with a choice of many amazing culinary treats.  There are typically 3 dinner options and one desert option, but if what is featured that night is not for you, you can order off the very extensive menu.  After 4 amazing days/nights of fine food, amazing skiing, wonderful people, delicious pisco sours (can you tell we had a really good time), I realized, we had not had any chocolate chip cookies.  I mentioned this to our waiter and although it was not on the menu,  he brought out a heaping plate of bite size chocolate chip cookies from a box.   I took a few, commented on the fact that no one should eat that many cookies, and told him of the US cookies the size of your head.  The next night when we came to dinner, he said "I have a surprise for you after dinner".

And after dinner he took out a plate of 10 chocolate chip cookies the size of my head.   There is definitely something special about eating a chocolate chip cookie in the middle of the Andes.  It also made me the favorite of all the children in the dining room that night.  Talk about amazing service! That and a cookie...

If you would like Alyssa to help you find the ultimate Cookie....or, plan a trip to Portillo Chille, or any number of the other Western destinations she is very familiar with, please contact Alyssa at:

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