Sunday, September 29, 2013

Alyssa goes LONG in Montana!

I first attempted running when I moved to Colorado.  I arrived on Saturday and there was the Race for the Cure in Denver on Sunday.  It was a 3 mile race and I barely ran one mile.  I blamed the altitude and the crowds. The Boulder Bolder was my second big race.  I trained for this popular 10K and while I felt like I was shuffling the last few miles, I did complete the entire thing running.

A few months later I had to take a Franklin Covey course for work.  It was a very inspiring class on organization and goals.  The one thing I wrote down in my fancy new planner was to run a marathon before I turned 30.  Having not really run much more than a 10 K before, this was a bit of a challenge.  In 1999 I did get into the New York City Marathon and did complete it! Thanks Franklin Covey!

Years later, I was training for my second marathon to run with my 2 brothers.  I met my future husband during my training and he made fun of me for running - this will be applicable later.  My oldest brother got injured training and couldn't do the marathon.  My soon to be fiance decided to take his place and run with me- oh the support right?!?!

At mile 9 he says to my brother and I, "I've never run this far before!" We continue on and I am feeling rough at 16. They both leave me and continue on - yes this is the guy who thought running was silly.  They ended up beating me by 15 minutes but my fiance couldn't walk for a few days and, call me heartless, I found it funny.  I did marry him besides the fact he left me puking at mile 16.

We have been married now for 13 years and my husband has become an ultra runner.  More specifically my husband runs 100 mile races.  Remember years ago he mocked me for running-just saying.  We moved to MT 11 years ago and he got into trail running and then got me into trail running.  So this summer I attempted my first 50 mile trial run.

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Alyssa Davis is is our superstar out in Big Sky Country. Come winter time, when the trail runs are done, you'll find her ripping up Bridger Bowl in Bozeman with her family. When she's not helping our guest plan that PERFECT ski vacation that is. 

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