Friday, October 18, 2013

Tours de Sport Celebrates our 33rd Season!

Most ski and snowboard tours are about as personalized as a trip to the nearest fast food joint. You pick from a few resorts, add a side of extracurricular activities, and wash it all down with a swig of predetermined "nightlife". When it's over, your just a number, another one of the millions and millions served.

That approach works great if you are looking for a quick bite to eat. But, if you're looking for an unforgettable ski or snowboard vacation, the kind that will make you smile 10 years later in rush hour traffic, or draw a reflective chuckle as you wait in line at the grocery store, then it doesn't work at all.

At Tours de Sport, we don't serve up generic getaways. We build truly unforgettable ski and snowboard experiences. Our sales staff averages over 10 years of experience selling ski travel. They will meticulously tailor your vacation to fit any ability level or spectrum of interests. Whether you are looking for the steep and deep, perfectly groomed cruisers, hidden powder stashes, family activities. breathtaking scenery, or fast-paced nightlife, we can make it happen!

Since 1982 we've been offering the best in competitively priced fully customized ski and snowboard vacations. Our staff is not made up of glorified travel agents fueled by sales incentives for free trips to the Caribbean; we're lifelong ski and snowboard enthusiasts, fueled by a genuine love of the mountains. So, when we recommend a resort, it isn't because we've worked out a convenient deal with the marketing department; it's because we've skied or boarded there, slept there, wined and dined there, and walked away with an incredible experience. You can count on us for personalized service and 100% accurate and unbiased information.

So partake of generic combo platters on your next lunch break, but leave your next ski or snowboard vacation to us. For over 30 years, our promise has been that you'll get a high quality trip at a competitive price, and a generous helping of fun!

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