Thursday, November 21, 2013

Here are some great Holiday Travel Survival Tips from Jackie Ashton at

Let's face it: Travel, particularly during this hectic time of year, is exhausting. Hitting the road for work or pleasure can disrupt your sleep, put the kibosh on your new exercise routine, and throw you into a knee-deep backlog at the office. It also compromises the immune system, setting the perfect stage for a seasonal encore of colds and flus. But a little effort to maintain a healthy routine while you're away will keep you in good shape from door to door. Here, 10 tips for staying calm and happy while in transit.

1. Get some exercise the day before you travel.

2. Stash your carry-on with essential oils, vitamins, and saline spray to stay healthy.

3. Make those hostage-like hours on the aircraft more comfortable with a neck pillow, eye mask, and noise canceling headphones.

4. Change your watch to local time as soon as possible, and soak in the local sunlight at your new destination. 

5. Try to keep up a few of your routines while on the road.

6. Bring a few of the comforts of home with you.

7. Keep your sleep as regular as possible. 
8. Bring something soothing for your bedside table like a candle or framed photograph.
9. Have realistic expectations for your trip: anticipate problems and delays.
10. When travel delays strike—and they will—try to use the extra time to unplug and decompress.

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