Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lessons really are for EVERY skier and rider.

It’s all about the Learning Curve!

Listen closely skiers & riders…Lessons aren’t only for beginners!  Even those that have been skiing for 30+ years can always work on their overall ski performance.  Take advantage to improve your technique, handle the new latest & greatest equipment or just work out a bad habit you have picked up over the years. You may not even know you have one but a trained expert will!!

Perhaps  you have relocated from the East Coast to the West Coast or vice versa? Ski terrain and snow conditions differ a lot as anyone who has skied both sides of the states can attest.  A lesson on handling the conditions is perfect to help eliminate what could be a “bumpy” day.

So whether your swapping your snow bunny boots for an actual pair of skis or dusting off you lead sleds for the first time in awhile treat yourself to a lesson and have the best day on the slopes you can! 

- Sam

Sam Norberg is one of our Eastern ski travel experts. From the Poconos to Maine, she's seen firsthand how lessons can make a difference in ANY skier's performance (including her own).  

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