Monday, February 24, 2014

Layering for warmth. Merino Wool is your friend.

Do you have a misconception about wool being uncomfortable and itchy? Are you still wearing cotton under layers? Are you tired of being cold? My advice...get rid of cotton. Cotton traps moisture and keeps you cold. As soon as you begin to sweat if you are wearing a cotton under layer the moisture will absorb into the fabric.  As soon as you stop moving you will immediately become cold,very cold.

With technology things often become more advanced and improve. Gear and athletic clothing is no exception. There have been many products developed to help you have the best experience and stay comfortable so you can pursue your outdoor activities longer.

If I can recommend investing in three things it would be Merino Wool,(Smartwool and Icebreaker are my personal favorite) Down Sweaters (I like Patagonia) and Gortex (there are many great companies to chose from.)

I find I am most comfortable when everything that touches my skin is wool. My second layer is either a poly pro or wool (depending on the conditions.) I prefer Merino wool because it also possess antimicrobial qualities so your clothes will not stink.  This stuff really is amazing! Then I layer a lightweight down sweater 600-800 fill. Down sweaters are the thinner version of their cousin the "Stay Puff Marshmallow" puffy down. Last but certainly not least would be a Gortex jacket. Gortex is great for keeping you dry. These products are not the least expensive options but trust me they are worth every penny.

-Kamlyn Cantrell

Thanks Kamlyn! Your advise is particularly apropos during the spring season when weather conditions can seemingly change every 10 minutes. 

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