Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Can you hear me now??????

Let’s face it. In this world of smartphones and instant information and updating even on vacation we can’t seem to put down the technology. Yes, we are ingrained to post, share, poke, tweet, tumble and on and on.  And that does not change just because we are on the slopes! Sure coming down you have your phone all warm and snuggled in a pocket but as soon as your bum hits the gondola or base lodge it’s on!

Fortunately, there are some wonderful apps available to all you snow lovers that will actually HELP you while on the mountain!  While there are choices galore I have highlighted for you a few that I personally think are worth whipping that phone out while you are actually on the mountaintop.

#1  - Need help deciding which hill will have the best conditions for a last minute weekend trip?

This top-rated app is free and delivers up-to-the-minute ski and snow conditions from your favorite ski resorts. You can track multiple resorts at once, and the app will provide with you details such as recent snowfall, temperature, snow depth, wind gusts, as well as a weekly forecast.

#2 – Forgot to grab a trail map or where you left your snowboard before heading to Apres Ski?
Download - REALSKI 2.1
This iPhone app uses your phone's camera to show you where you are and what ski runs are before you, helping you navigate the slopes. It posts digital overlays that appear within the app, showing you where the lifts, lodges, restrooms and restaurants are, as well as trails (and their level of skill) and any other parks or features of that resort. The app is linked to over 100 North American ski . The newest version of the app allows you to geotag important points - for example, your parked car, favorite run, or a pole dropped off the chair - and also integrates Twitter and Facebook sharing.

#3 – Want to challenge yourself this season and see your progression on the slopes?
Download - SkiTracks
One of the most popular Android apps for skiing enthusiast. Using your phone's map and GPS tracking abilities it shows you exactly where you've skied on a satellite map, while also tracking distance, speed, altitude, duration, and more.

Just remember, be safe out there... Don’t Text and Ski!!! ;)

-Samantha (Sam) Burrier

Thanks for these great tips Sam! I personally downloaded SkiTracks last season, and have been having fun tracking my ski day data at different mountains. Look for more great suggestions from Sam during the season!

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