Friday, September 19, 2014

Unexpected facts you’ll learn on your ski vacation

Whether it’s your first time or not, there are things we might not expect to happen on a ski vacation.

Here are a few:

Pizza and Fries are not just 'ol American fast food
On the slopes, pizza and French Fries are skier's lingo for skiing positions. Pizza is a position of pointing your toes and extending your skis together, to create a wedge-shape. French fries, on the other hand, are when you set your skis in a parallel position.

At most, both moves are the very foundation you need to practice in order to become a better skier when hitting the slopes.

You’ll meet younger and smaller skiers better than you
Ski enthusiasts are getting younger nowadays. There are many kids wanting to learn skiing. If you get intimidated by kids making tricks and turns on the slopes, it's okay. Instead, see them as your inspiration.

You’ll fall if you lean back
It’s one of the hardest aspects in learning to ski, especially if you’re afraid of speed and leaning forward. However once you lean back, you’ll lose balance and fall. How many times has this happened to you?

Skiing is like driving
Like driving a car, skiing is dangerous. That's why both need a proper training. But unlike driving a car, skis have no sirens or signal lights to give others your warning. Thus, concentration is a must to avoid accidents and injury.

Helmets are also hats
On the slopes, helmets are also considered as hats. They not only provide head safety and warmth, but also prevent big chills caused by evaporation.

Skis are different
Skis come in different designs and dimensions. It's because no two skiers are the same. Furthermore, even if you skied three times on your previous ski trips, your weight and skills change every time. These changes will apparently affect the binding settings of your skis.

Oftentimes, you forget your primary reason for skiing
To have fun-- this is your primary reason why you wanted to learn skiing. But later on, when you've improved your skiing skills, you focus more on the competition and not your primary reason. However once you remember to have fun when skiing, you are already a great skier.

Don't compare or judge others' skiing techniques
This is the basic unwritten rule in skiing that most rookies don’t follow. When you are sitting on the table with other skiers, don't compare or judge how they ski. It's because each skier has his or her own style in skiing.

Have you already encountered some of those? Well, there are still many things you can expect to happen on your trip. Just remember the basics, stay safe and have fun on your ski vacation.

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