Monday, October 06, 2014

Autumn REALLY is upon us!

I had a completely different idea for this week's little missive, but then I walked into Home Depot the other morning and saw that they were fully, and I mean fully, decked out for Christmas, it gave me pause. What a stark reminder that these days it seems like we are always rush, rush, rush to the next thing. Always with one, or both, eyes on what's happening down the road; oftentimes to the point of forgetting to live a bit in the here and now.  

As autumn arrives, I encourage all of you to carve out a few moments for yourselves over the coming weeks. Enjoy that extra cup of early morning coffee on the porch, take that hike on a sunny Sunday that's right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, cheer on that young family member at their soccer or football game, or curl up with your pet and a good book for an hour or two.

Yes, that crazy season is here, so we'll all be going 100 miles an hour with no brakes for long stretches of time, but remember to slow down some when the opportunity presents itself. You'll feel better, and trust me, that calm you generate will come through when dealing with friends, relatives and business associates.  I wish you all a wonderful Autumn! And, of course, we know what comes next, as this little reminder from our friend Lindsay in Aspen sent me so vividly illustrates!

I think this should be next to the definition of "spectacular" in the next edition of Webster's

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