Monday, October 06, 2014

Ski Socks that lend a helping hand!

Looking for an amazing pair of ski socks? Check out this indiegogo campaign below. Cool socks with an awesome fit and helps those less fortunate keep warm this winter too.

These socks are the best fitting ski socks in my drawer and I am a super sock snob.  It is the first sock I look for before heading up to Bridger.  warm, comfy and feel good all day long.  Some of my old socks leave funny
You know you want them!
constriction marks on my legs but I can keep the Lift 23's on all day with no problems.  I'm not saying it will make you a better skier/rider, but you will stay toasty warm and be comfortable all day!

Only a few more days left in the campaign.

Check it out here.

-Alyssa Davis

Thanks Alyssa, these really look great, and what a great cause!

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