Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Skier's Bucket List: Other ways to enjoy your vacation on the slopes

The winter season is almost here! The magic of a ski vacation can't be denied. But the question is, what's new about them?

If you think there's none, then, it's time for you to change your perspective to a more exciting one. How? Have a bucket list! Here some ideas you can begin with:

Try a new ski destination
This may be an obvious option, but, did you do it? Don't stick-to-one resort time after time, instead, give other ski vacation destinations a try! It could be a bigger hill, a larger resort, more trail options... It could also be in another country if you want! The options are limitless.

"Ski your age"
From the experience of David Belin of Liftopia, he met a 65-year old man that has a goal of skiing 65 days (relative to his age). You too, can take this challenge and ski to your age.

Share your passion
Pass on your love for the sport to someone who is new to the slopes. Maybe it's one of your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Who knows, you might help discover the next Lindsay Vonn or Johnny Moseley.

Tip: Take them for a lesson and let the wonders of the fresh white powder unfold around them.

Hit all the slopes in your state
The difficulty in doing this one may depend on where you live. If you have 27 ski areas in your state, it may take time. But don't give up, the fulfillment you will get in the long run is unbeatable!

Try other ways of gliding on the snow
If you have been a skier your whole life, it may be a great time to strap on a snowboard. If you're an Alpine skier, give telemark skiing a try. This may be a serious challenge but it will help to improve your technique. Expanding your skill-set may even help you become more flexible and stronger as you learn the fundamentals of balance, edging, and pressure on new gear.

Get outside your ski resort
Skiing outside the resort has many forms. It includes simple backcountry and sidecountry skiing to a full blown heli-skiing. There is also a cat skiing, which is a great introduction to skiing outside the ropes.

Tip: If you ski outside the range of your resort, it's recommended to have safety and survival training first before going out on one of these adventures.

Many skiers are now planning for new ways to enjoy their next ski vacation. Start planning your trip now so you can check off as much as possible from that list!

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