Thursday, November 06, 2014

Support the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation!

Ryan Hawks was raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont.. Ryan was an avid fan of the great outdoors with an unmatched passion for adventure.  A gifted athlete with a heart of gold.  His life was cut short after sustaining injuries in an accident, competing at the 2011 Freeskiing World Tour, in Kirkwood, California.

After his death, his family went into his room and found something that Ryan had written.  This note inspired Ryan's family to set up a non-profit foundation to honor his legacy.

The foundations mission is share Ryan's Core Principles and to award scholarships to financially disadvantaged adventurers, so that they may pursue their dreams. 

This touching and beautifully simple note found on Ryan's computer is what inspired his family to set the foundation in motion.  By living these core values, young adventurers can apply for scholarships while being inspired by a dynamic individual who's life was cut short doing what he loved.

Ryan's Core Principles:

Live everyday, all day
Never stop exploring life
Never lose my adventuresome attitude
Be the best friend I can be                                                            
Be the best brother, son, uncle I can
Look out for others
Look out for myself
Look out for our surroundings
Play like I'm thirteen
Be self-sufficient
Don't be afraid to ask for help
Work hard
Live easy
Live simply

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan's family at a recent fundraiser in Burlington, VT and could not be happier to share their mission.

Please visit for more information on how to get involved with this fantastic family-run operation and support a great cause.

Thanks to Andrew Goldman in our Vermont office for sharing Ryan's story.  We can all take something from his principles to apply to our own life. 

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