Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Ski Trip Reflections: The Photograph Etiquette

When you are out on a ski trip, your overall objective is to have a blast. You can do a lot of exciting and relaxing things in order to achieve this goal. Your choices may depend on whatever helps you define the idea of fun. While some prefer to spend their ski outings more proactively, others choose a sedentary type of vacation. But there are certain practices that vacationers cannot avoid in the entire course of their stay. Taking pictures is among them. Here are some of the helpful tips regarding proper picture taking etiquette and whatnot:

  • Take photos around permissible important landmarks
  • Ask assistance from ski resort staff during a group photo
  • Take photos of the landscape while riding a cable car
  • Use Go Pro if you cannot help but to capture video clips of your ski adventures
  • Ask permission to capture images from active skiers
  • Ask permission to photograph bystanders / staff if they are in a picture
Doing the following suggestions can help draw the line between sensible photo shoot during vacations and an unhealthy fixation over the social media fad (especially if you are not a commissioned photographer). These days, the “selfie” mania has been hyped and sensationalized to a point of becoming a sensitive trivial topic.

On the other hand, you can also take note of the following malpractices that are so inappropriate that it can potentially cause physical harm in your ski vacation. At best, they can bring embarrassment and unwanted memories not worth keeping when you return home. It is best to remember avoiding them.

Do Not
  • Take a “selfie” every-time the opportunity presents itself
  • Photograph a skiing accident
  • Use flash when taking photos of skiers (especially at night)
  • Take a “selfie” while you on you're way down the slopes, or even stopped on the slope
  • Keep a bystander or staff for too long just to retake your shots
  • Take a stolen shot from strangers in the area
Capturing moments that preserve the memories of your fun vacation is never looked down upon, just remember there are some common courtesies to consider. So on your next ski trip, make sure to be mindful of your picture-taking methods. 

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