Monday, February 23, 2015

Ski Vacation Fun: Pros of Ski Jumping

Ski vacations often have different goals, whether it's to have as much fun as possible or a relaxing getaway or get the little toddler up on their first pair of skis. For those of you who want to take on the more extreme end of the scale and show-off your intense skills, ski jumping sounds like the thing for you.

When I say “jump”, you say “how high?”
The objective in ski jumping is for the skier to get as high and/or as far as their bodymass will allow (we'll leave all the technical terms and equations to the physicists). Height and distance aren't necessarily the only factors though. For those who are even more advanced, try throwing a trick in mid-air. It's difficult feat for even the most skilled of skiers but the rush of adrenaline that follows is unlike any other.

When I say “land”, you say “oh no!”
The law of gravity states that everything that goes up eventually goes down. So it is one thing to pose for an epic jump-shot, but everything changes when you take landing into account (and the interval between flight and landing is only matter of “high-definition slow motion” seconds). The trick to making ski jumping fun has a lot to do with balancing “spectacular flight” and “not embarrassing landing”. In fact at the professional level this part of the scoring matters more. The effects (such as being able to walk without a sore body) goes beyond the realm of ski jumping itself.

When I say, “let's do it again”, what are you going to do?
Ski jumping the whole day is not recommend as it can wear and tear on your physical and mental states at a high rate. Give it a few tries here and there but don't neglect the rest of the fresh powder just waiting to be tested out.

For those of you who accept this challenge, good luck and enjoy your ski vacation!... And anyone who (understandably) does not want to attempt ski jumping, we hope you enjoy your time on the slopes just as well!

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