Friday, April 17, 2015

Ski Trip Values: Prudence for Safety

Were your plans for ski trip ever been bogged down by news of ski-related fatalities? If so, you might have asked yourself “what’s the deal with skiing and deadly accidents?” You’ve got two simple answers based on the two Shakespearean queries - To Ski, or Not to Ski? 

Truth is, skiing can be dangerous... especially if you're not prepared. Yes, skiing is an extreme sport so if you decide to accept the challenge, be smart about it.

False Bravado

The only conceivable reason for one to show off his or her skill is to gain positive approval. Before the enthusiastic audience, this positive approval is accomplished through pulling off spectacular flips and bounds. Unfortunately, Father Gravity and Mother Nature do not often approve that demonstration (and they can be very physical and ruthless with their negative feedback). Without undergoing intense long-term practice, novice skiers have a high chance of getting seriously injured. Bravado does nothing but increase that risk spurred by the willingness to gain momentary stardom (mostly unrealistic and oftentimes resulting to permanent regret).

Split-second Consequence

Let’s say for instance that you have been doing this extreme sport for 5+ years. Does that permit you an extra measure of carelessness? This is a trick question for masters to test (or mess around) with the minds of their excelling students. Better to receive an admonishment from instructors than (as always) a mean feedback from Father Gravity and Mother Nature. No amount of excellent ski vacation package can recompense over fractured bones and a lifetime of traumatic memory. That catastrophic misfortune is can occur in a so-called trivial split-second decision of letting your guard down. Staying vigilant on the ski trail is still (surprisingly) fun, despite the constant avoidance of imitating these really cool stunt experts featured in flashy tourism ads.

Stick to the Basic Stunts

If you value your own safety over popular opinion, then you being a boring skier will be so much better than you being an instant patient on the stretcher. In fact, if careful skiers can even suffer from fits of “involuntary somersaults” then being less prudent will be a worse decision. Accidents rarely announce themselves. Even when they do so, the “unpleasant” outcome would be pretty much the same (or even worse since you saw it coming before lights out). Being a boring skier is the best way to go with your ski trip, since you can always try other things (like ski flying) to sate your adrenaline hunger.

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