Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Nothing to do until Ski Season? How about these suggestions!

Not sure what to do with yourself until ski season starts up again? If you’re already counting the days until next winter, these activities can help you kill time til you can bring out your skis again:

Get in shape
It’s a great time to bring out the Crossfit videos and start getting in shape for the slopes.  Since skiing is a sport that requires lots of endurance and balance, waiting until a month or two before your trip can be detrimental.  Plus you don't want to be sore when that first day comes, or you’ll be spending half of your day sulking in the lodge.

Water skiing
There may be no snow or huge drops in altitude, but water skiing offers the same adrenaline rush as snow skiing.  It’s also a perfect way to keep your balance in check during off-season.

Go climbing
You won’t find snow at the top of the mountains, but the breathtaking view at the top guarantees you the same high you get when cruising down the slopes.

There may be no skis and snow on beneath your feet, but you’re still letting gravity lead you down the mountain and on to the ground. And you may be surprised to learn  some ski resorts offer ziplining right there, at the same place that will be covered with fresh powder in a few months.

Enjoy a gondola ride
One of the best things about getting a bird’s eye view from a ski resort in the summer is having a different look at the scenery. What you're use to seeing covered in snow, now has foliage and color (and maybe even some wildlife!). But the views are just as good without the snow as it is with.  It gives you something to appreciate during the warm summer months.

Don't have to go too far for a summer job
Saving up for the next ski holiday?  Earn the dough for it.  Many ski bums turn to manual labor to earn and save up for the next ski trip. A lot of ski resorts these days have other programs available during the non-winter months. Various resorts bring everything from rock climbing to disc golf to ropes courses on their grounds - see what job openings those activities have to offer!

Chase the snow

If all the activities above still don't satisfy your appetite for the snow, altitude and speed... you can always go the extra mile (or extra couple hundred of miles) and see how skiing in South America compares. Planning a ski trip to the southern hemisphere may not be for everyone, but those who are ready for that adventure, are never disappointed.

Or if you just want to get right to planning for your next trip, there's no shame in that. In fact, the best selection of flights and accommodations are available now! And some resort partners even have special offers that include free nights, resort food & beverage credits, free room upgrades & more! It's never too early to start planning. 

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