Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ski Lessons for Children

Ski vacations are always a lot more fun when with family – that is, kids included. Unfortunately, kids can be a handful and having them around while you are trying to enjoy the fresh powder can be a huge challenge. Luckily it's becoming pretty common to offer various ski activities designed especially for kids. This way, every member in the family gets to enjoy days spent at ski vacation destinations.

Children under 3 years old are best enlisted at private lessons while on ski vacations. They require maximum supervision and a bit of intense training that is suited for their age. Truth be told, enrolling three years old and under on a ski lesson can be quite expensive, but families can actually save if they are able to get a group of children. Group lessons are less intense and more fun, so kids enjoy more.

Kids aged 4 and 6 are usually offered 1 to 2 hours of lessons per day. Most of these lessons are typically given on snow gardens which are a fun and safe area for kids to learn the basics of snow sport. Children from 7 years old and above can take advantage of more focused and more challenging lessons, thanks to a selection of games, races and competitions specifically designed for them.

Ski lessons can be both exciting and frightening for children. With that in mind, remember to talk and work hand in hand with your kids. Before heading out for a ski vacation, let them know about your plan and what you expect from them. Inform them of the lessons they will be having and keep them motivated. This way, they look forward to many more days on the slope.

You don’t have to be physically around during the actual learning sessions as parents are generally encouraged to stay out of sight throughout the ski lesson. The best thing you can do right then is to encourage them to be confident and reassure them that you will be back at the end of the class.

Talk to the instructor at the end of each ski lesson and ask for feedback. The teacher will appreciate that you are interested in your kid’s improvement in the sport and will motivate him to teach more. You may also ask if there are practice runs for the kids.

As always, make sure to keep your children’s skiing and ski lessons at a practical level.  Be careful not to let them overstay outside, least they run the risk of fatigue, dehydration, or worse, frost bite.

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