Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Family Fitness Tips before Going on a Ski Trip

Ski trips are always tough on the body. It can leave you dead tired after almost four to six hours of sustained exercise on the slopes. As a result, you run the risk of not having all the fun in the snow.

Fortunately, a former British Olympic skier named Graham Bell says there are countless ski-specific exercises that are proven to help every guest enjoy ski vacations. These exercises help prevent the likelihood of muscle aches and pains that are common even among super-fit guests who come for a ride on the now.

Graham suggests engaging in a fitness program for at least six weeks prior to a scheduled ski trip. Regular exercises helps build base fitness and enhances a person’s stamina. This way, you get tired less easily so you can enjoy more ski runs without having to stop for breaks.

Examples of stamina-enhancing exercises include aerobic s and other cardiovascular fitness routines such as zumba dancing, running, ice skating, and roller blading. Cycling is also a fun activity that promotes cardiovascular health.

If you are planning to visit a skivacation destination with your family, take everyone else on a weekend cycle ride or encourage your kids to try rollerblading or skateboarding to school. Push one another to engage in low intensity exercises and help them prepare for more strenuous activities on the icy slopes.

A few more days before that actual trip to a selected ski area, do ski-specific training such as those that enhances muscle strength, balance, and flexibility in order to prevent injury. Take note that snowboarders require more flexibility and muscle strength considering that they tend to ride lower than skiers.

Do not forget to touch lessons and exercises that promote balance and coordination. Try standing on equipment like wobble boards, balance cushions, and Swiss balls.  See to it that kids are supervised when trying any of these exercises; otherwise they run the risk of getting into accidents.

On your free time, bring your kids to a local fitness trail, an adventure playground, or high ropes course. If possible, let them have a hand on that paddle-board, it’s great for improving balance, coordination and strength.

Right at home, encourage everyone in the family to do simple, non-locomotive exercises such as single leg balance stretch and wall-sit exercises.

As always, see to it that you take time to warm up your muscles before any exercise.  Take note that warm up exercises need to be light and easy, not strenuous as the actual ski-specific exercises. Then cool down.

Be fit for that upcoming skitrip and have a blast on your family vacation escapade.

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