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Vermont Ski Packages

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What do you think of when you think of Vermont? More than likely you think of maple

syrup, which makes sense because Vermont is the number one producer of the sweet, sticky

pancake topping. But did you know that Vermont is mainly forest? Over 75% of the state is

covered in the trees which turn into a stunning palette of reds, golds, oranges, and greens. It is

the only New England state that doesn’t have a border on the ocean but it does boast that 41%

of its land is part of the Lake Champlain water shed. And what else does Vermont has that

those other states don’t? The Green Mountains. An iconic mountain range that was aptly named

because of the dense foliage that covers the peaks year round. Because of the Green

Mountains Vermont has some amazing winter recreational activities, most notably skiing and

snowboarding. And the best way to go and experience the Maple State? Purchasing one of the

Vermont ski packages from

Image result for vermont toursdesportSome may say that Vermont is the ski capital of the east. Which wouldn’t seem like too

much of a boast when you learn of some of the amazing ski areas located in this state including

the “Beast of the East”; Mount Killington. If you want to tackle one of the largest vertical drops in

the United States you absolutely must purchase one of the Killington Resort Vermont ski

packages, which you can get a steal on if you purchase one of the mid-week specials. However,

when you purchase a Killington lift ticket you don't get access to just one mountain you actually

get access to seven! The Killington Resort property area has six skiable mountains and a

shuttle will take you to nearby Pico Mountain.

One of the other most sought after ski areas in Vermont is Jay Peak. Jay Peak’s

snowfall would make some of the residents of Colorado cringe because it receives, on average,

more than twenty-nine feet, which is more than any other ski area in the east. This resort is also
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very close to our neighbor to the north because it is located just four miles south of the

Canadian border. They offer seventy-eight trails, two dozen of which are off-piste, or, back

country skiing trails. If this sounds like your type of skiing trip than book one of the Jay Peak

Vermont ski packages and get after it.

There are many more resorts to choose from in this sparsely populated north eastern

state. The only way to explore your many options would be to take a look at Vermont ski

packages available from Vermont may not have the dense population we’re used

to seeing, their winters may be the seventh coldest in the United States, but the Green

Mountains offer something inherently different from any other range in the U. S. When you enjoy

your downhill journey the mature conifers and northern hardwoods seem to whisper to you,

calling you back to Vermont time and time again. Once you experience the pristine wilds of

Vermont you will want to be there every year.

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