Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jay Peak Resort: Offering the Best of the Green Mountains

The Green Mountains are a stunning range in Vermont and are the name sake of the

state. In French Verts Monts means Green Mountains and just before Vermont became a state

it was known as the Green Mountain Republic. There is a hiking trail that runs from the northern

border to the southern border of the state, traversing through the mountains and even through

some of the ski hills. Approximately one third of the Long Trail is part of the Appalachian Trail,

which covers about nineteen hundred miles itself. Nestled in the Green Mountains, just south of

the Canadian border is the Jay Peak Resort.

Jay Peak Resort is a four season resort but is really known for the tremendous skiing

and snowboarding. The trails of Jay Peak started being built in 1950’s by the first ski school

director, well known Austrian skier and former coach of the Spanish Olympic Team, Walter

Foeger. The first lift was installed in 1955 and in 1957 the resort opened for skiing. Jay Peak

boasts the most snow in the eastern United States which makes for some great skiing, on both

the groomed trails and the many back-country trails.

Many people have said that the back-country trails are what sets the Jay Peak Resort

apart from others. The back country skiing feeds off resort so you will need to get your own ride

back, but, to be able to ski this terrain is an unforgettable experience. The tracts of land used for

back-country skiing are conserved by the Green Mountain Club and the State of Vermont. The

area is part of a high elevation forest which is a particularly fragile environment and is home to

the rare Bickel’s Thrush. Because of this special habitat there is an absolutely no cutting policy,

which means that you cannot cut any saplings or other brush that might get in your way. This

area must stay as pristine as possible. When skiing this terrain, you must be aware of the many

potential hazards the woods has to offer, such as buried rocks, sink holes, stumps, fallen trees

and more. That being said, it is always good to wear the proper safety equipment; a helmet, a

GPS, a shovel, and a multi-tool, among many other items. Always ride in a group of at least

three and make sure that you figure out a meet-up spot if your group splits up. And never start

your trip afternoon because it isn’t fun getting lost, and even less fun being lost in the dark, in

the mountains, and in the winter.

The groomed trails at Jay Peak Resort are still very beautiful and on the resort property

you’ll even have some Glades so tougher riding. You have about three hundred and eighty-five

acres to play on with about seventy-eight trails. jay Peak Resort is also known for its ski school,

which says it can teach you how to ski in a week using Walter Foeger’s technique known as

“Natur Teknik” or natural technique. The student learns to hop the skis instead of doing stem

turns or snowplow turns. The Glades at Jay Peak Resort require advanced skills and a group to

ski them. Always wear a helmet and never go out to the Glades after 3pm. Jay Peak Resort also

has four terrain parks for those of you who want to hit some jibs, boxes, and rails.

Steve Wright, the VP of Marketing, Sales and Hospitality says that “When resorts are run

by those who love mountains, we all benefit.  At Jay Peak, we care about deep snow, about

building community and creating opportunities and about developing something that we all get

to enjoy.” and we whole-heartedly agree with him. Visit Jay Peak Resort to see and feel the love

of the mountains.

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